FSC193 1/2inch Blue Double Hex Split Shaft Collar-Anodized Aluminum Split Shaft Collars-Clamping Collar with 1 1/8″ OD, 13/32″ Width for Industrial

  • 【DOUBLE SPLIT DESIGN】This two-piece clamping shaft collar for applications requiring a stronger holding power and higher axial load capacity than setscrew or one-piece clamping collars.Double Split Shaft Collar as known as (Two-piece Shaft Collar) has the same feature as the Single Split Shaft Collar with additional flexibility and convenience. Two piece clamp on collars come apart in two halves for easy installation and maintenance.
  • 【SAFE AND SUPER POWER】These Drill Stop Bit Collars promise not to mar the shaft. They clamp evenly around the shaft therefore providing excellent holding power. Besides the hex split collar effective on both hard and soft shafts. Hex-bore of the split Shaft Collars provide additional holding power.
  • 【MATERIAL】The shaft coupling collar is made of anodized aluminum with a Black-Oxide finish to offer mild corrosion resistance.Aluminum for resisting corrosion and tarnishing.The operating temperatures for this collar range from -17 to 121 degrees C (0 to 250 degrees F).
  • 【APPLICATION】This shaft lock collar fits in various applications and can be found in nearly all types of machinery and industry. For instance, gearbox assemblies, motor bases, machine tools, drive shafts, agricultural implements, medical equipment, and paper and steel mill equipment, the automotive industry, the manufacturing industry, the hobby craft industry and many more.
  • 【SERVICE】Our QC department do 100% quality inspection on the split shaft collar before delivery. We will do 100% refund if the stopper set wheel collar part is defective. Your valuable suggestions and advice will be greatly appreciated by our team.

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