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FSD008 Food-grade SUS 304 Brick Pattern Grate Removable36 Inch Rectangular Linear Shower Floor Drain With Flange

  • 【Linear Shower Drain Size & Material】- 36″ length, 2.75″ width, 2″ central outlet. 36 L/min High Flow Capability. 4inch, 6inch, 12inch, 24inch, or other length can be made too.Base flange connects to drain pipe, fit standard U.S. plumbing connection. SUS 304 stainless steel, Drain surface brushed finished, protect against corrosion, scratches and rust for long-lasting durability. The base is professionally electropolished to make the product look more luxurious and certified by CUPC.
  • 【Shower Drain Design】- The 36 inch linear drain cover with brick pattern cover design, enhancing water flow. Embedded design offer a invisible and seamless look on your floor. Heavy duty steel cover offer a good sealing ability.
  • 【Removable Drain Cover】- The brick pattern grate linear drain cover can be removed by the stainless steel lifting key easily, very convenient for regular cleaning.
  • 【Superior Drainage Profile】- Enhanced slope to aid flow of water to shower drain outlet, improves the water flow speed, reduces some unpleasant smell, and effectively solves the problem of water accumulation in the bathroom and swimming pool. Can be used in kitchen, bathroom, garage, basement and toilet.
  • 【Easy Adjustment & Installation】- The shower drain have two leveling feet, can adjust height as need. Fits US standard no hub drain base system, simply push the 2” shower drain down to the threaded adapter to install the drain. HUB drain base is included.

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