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Self Sealing R134A Can Tap Valve Refrigerant Dispenser with Tank Adapter for 1/4 and 1/2-inch AC Freon Charging Hose

【WIDE COMPATIBILITY】Our r134A can tap fits R-134a cans with ACME threads to directly connect 1/4″ SAE (R12 R22) female fitting AC charging hose .Come with R134A can tap refrigerant dispenser and tank adapter, compatible with both 1/4″ and 1/2″ female fittings ac charging hose.

【ECO-DESIGN】The feature of our can tap is:self sealing. It is easy to open R134a can throgh the R134a can tap and safely turn off R134a can to reserve for future use without any waste.The eco-friendly design meets EPA enviroment friendly policy.

【SAFE QUALITY】Round smooth handle for easy operation, body made of heavy duty brass and premium anodized aluminum to last under extreme conditions.

【APPLICATION】The can valve connect to R-134a cans with 1/2-16 ACME female threads, the other end of the R134a can valve connects with 1/4 SAE female fittings ac charging hose.

【SERVICE】Our QC department do 100% quality inspection on the R134A can adapter before delivery. We will do 100% refund if the R134a valve tool is defective. If you have any questions about the can tap you have bought, please feel free to connect us. Your valuable suggestions and advice will be greatly appreciated by our team.

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