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FCLC-SS-006 Stainless Steel Rigid Coupling One-Piece Rigid Shaft Coupling Clamp Style with Keyway 1×1inch Clamp Shaft Coupling

  • FCLC-SS is a one-piece rigid shaft coupling series. It has precision honed bores on to ensure bores are collinear and does not introduce misalignment or vibration into the system making it suitable for high precision servo appliactions as well as shaft to shaft connections.
  • Rigid shaft coupling eliminates the need to treat screws upon receipt greatly reducing installation time. Forged screws test beyond ANSI standards to ensure maximum holding power.
  • Effective on hard and soft shafts
  • Design fully engages the shaft without marring
  • High axial load and torque capacity
  • Recessed screw head provides an outside surface free of major projection for safety

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