1-1/4 Inch NPT DPCV Brass Differential Pressure Controller Valve

Body: dezincification-resistant brass

Membranes and O-rings: EPDM

Water purity in accordance with the ÖNORM H 5195 and VDI 2035 standards Ethylene and propylene glycol can be mixed to a ratio of 25 – 50 vol. [%]

EPDM gaskets can be affected by Mineral oils lubricants and thus lead to failure of the EPDM seals. Please refer to manufacturers documentation when using ethylene glycol products for frost and corrosion protection

Max operating pressure 16 bar

Max differential pressure over the body 2 bar

Min operating temperature -20⁰C

Max operating temperature up to DN32 130⁰C

Max operating temperature from DN40 110⁰C

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