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FMV04 Lead Free Brass Thermostatic Mixing Valves

• Solid wax hydraulic principle thermostat controls both hot and cold water and is engineered to ensure dependable mixing of hot and cold fluids
• Flow of mixed water is safely restricted in the event that cold water supply is compromised
• Integral check valves and filter washers help protect against cross flow
• Double throttling design provides sensitive response to changes in water temperature
• Increases hot water capacity from the hot water tank by as much as 133% depending on storage and incoming cold water temperature
• Allows hot water tank to be set at higher temperature to minimize the occurrence of Legionella and other water-borne bacteria
• Valve and key components conveniently packaged in one box
• Adjustable temperature selection with lock down
• Advance thermal actuator for precise control
• Integral checks and screens prevent cross-flow and contamination
• Includes thermostatic valve, corrugated stainless steel connector, tee and elbow

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