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FVC-003 Cash Valve Cryogenic Pressure Regulator Pressure Reducing Valve

  • Threaded ends; 3-way, 2 side inlets-bottom outlet
  • Bronze/brass body, spring chamber and diaphragms; brass body seat; stainless steel seat disc, seat ring and pressure spring; PTFE O-ring and diaphragm gasket; stainless steel bolts; pressure-tight closing cap
  • FCV-003 Series valves are available in various pressure control and temperature ranges and are designated as follows:

            Type 1 has a bronze body as standard, is suitable for pressure of 0 to 400 psi (0 to 27.6 bar)

            and maximum temperatures 200°F to 600°F (93°C to 316°C).

            Type 2 incorporates a diaphragm ring mounted above the diaphragm to accommodate higher back pressure

            ranges: 200 to 600 psi (13.8-41 bar); 200°F to 600°F (93°C to 316°C).

  • Support OEM Service

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