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FPV010 Nickel Plated Brass 1/2 NPT Water Pressure Reducing Valve Water Pressure Regulator

  • Pressure reducing valve connects the female fitting on the adjustable water regulator directly to your water source’s hose bib
  • Connect the female fitting on the water hose to the male fitting on the adjustable Water Pressure Regulator
  • Turn on the water supply in order to flush the water regulator and hose for one minute. Turn off the water supply
  • Connect the hose to your equipment’s water inlet, then turn on the water supply
  • Turn on all fixtures to allow any air to be flushed out of the plumbing – this includes turning on showers, faucets, and flushing toilets
  • Adjustable Water Pressure Reducer can adjustable up to 160 PSI, and also the pressure can be setted according to customer’s request

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