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FVC-001 Cash Valve Cryogenic Brass/Bronze Back Pressure Valves Back Pressure Relief Valve

  • Type FCV-001: Medium flows, max. 250 psi (17.58 kg/cm² )
  • Type FCV-001 (HP) high pressure: Medium flows, max. 400 psi (28.12 kg/cm²) Construction
  • Threaded ends; 2-way, side inlet-side outlet; 2-way, side inlet-bottom outlet; 3-way, 2 side inlets-bottom outlet
  • Forged brass/bronze body; cast brass/bronze spring chamber; stainless steel seat disc, seat ring and pressure spring; bronze diaphragms; PTFE diaphragm gasket
  • Type FCV-001 (HP): Stainless steel and special construction for hi-purity service
  • Temperature rating: +150°F to -320°F (339K to 78K)
  • Maximum set pressure: FCV-001: 250 psi (17.58 kg/cm2); FCV-001HP: 400 psi (28.12 kg/cm²)
  • Pressure reducing valves and regulators include models suitable for air, water, steam, oil and other liquids with versions also available for cryogenic liquids and gases
  • Support OEM service

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