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R1234YF Refrigerant Charge Hose with Gauge Kit R1234YF Low side Quick Coupler Adapter 1/2″ Acme LH Self-Sealing Can Tap Opener

*The air conditioning refrigerant charging hose kit fits for R1234YF refrigerant to vehicle or home air-conditioning with highly working performance.
*The R1234YF A/C service hose kit is made of aluminum and high quality rubber material, with solid construction and stable performance.
*R1234YF refrigerant charge hose with gauge has 90-degree Push & Lock coupler with auto shut off. Easy and convenient to use. Come with gauge for easily viewing during use and getting a correct charge.
*1/2’’ ACME LH AC refrigerant self-sealing can opener tap dispensing valve, total length: 39cm /15.4″(but the length of hose can be customized according to customer’s requirement), 600-3000PSI hose, 200 PSI pressure gauge, and 14mm low side quick adapter. Please note this can tap can only be used on self-sealing R-1234YF refrigerant cans with 1/2’’ ACME LH thread, either cannot be used on puncture style cans.

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