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For Employees

At Fanovo, we consider every employee an important member of the team as we work together towards a common set of goals that will be the key to our future and will help guarantee our success:

* To serve our customers efficiently and effectively by providing a quality product at a competitive price;

* To have a profitable company which will provide job security for our employees, opportunities for growth and advancement and personal job satisfaction within a safe work environment;

* To increase employee ownership in the company through the Employee Equity and Profit Participation Program; and

* To promote team spirit, mutual respect and fairness.

We operate according to the principles we have committed to in the Employee’s Charter and the Corporate Constitution. In support, we establish various programs and procedures in our facilities. These are adapted to the laws and cultures of the countries and regions in which we operate, however, the intent is the same throughout – to have employees feel valued and connected within the Fanovo family and to share in our success.