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Understanding IQC, IPQC,FQC OQC and AQL in ISO9001

Fanovo has a strict quality control process and comprehensive quality control management ISO9001. We divide our quality control into four inspection sections – IQC, IPQC, FQC, OQC. Sampling rate and frequency are set forth by the Acceptable Quality Level signed by customers. Each manufactured product has a different quality control standard to ensure they meet strict requirements. Our QC Team in Fanovo compose of educated sophisticated people that have above 10 years of experience in the QC field. Our quality control principle: Everyone is an inspector. Our quality control goal is to realize our goods 100% qualified.

Incoming Quality Control – IQC
All incoming raw material are checked before production. Various measurements are taken to check against approved data. Once rejected, raw material are sent back for further examination.

Final Quality Control – FQC
All finished goods are inspected according to our quality standard for each project. Products are sampled according to the AQL sampling rate before it leaves our production plant into the warehouse.

Outgoing Quality Control – OQC
Our QC team will randomly check any finished goods in the warehouse before it goes out for shipment. This last inspection ensure zero defective goods are shipped to our customer.

Proper Quarantine Procedure
Rejected material are specially marked and move to a quarantine area pending final disposal. Once a product is deem rejected by the QC team, the material is held back until further inspection. Our QC team have rights to stop a shipment if product doesn’t meet standard.

Complete Complaint Procedure
All complaints would be traced through our QC system for up to 1 year. Each complaint will be followed up with further corrective action by our relative department.

Acceptable Quality Level
We use a Strict Acceptable Quality Level measurement for all our products. AQL is a statistical measurement of the maximum number of defective goods considered acceptable in a particular sample size. If the AQL is not reached for a particular sampling of goods, we will review various parameters in the production process to determine the areas causing the defects. Please see below our AQL standard.