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Custom Sight Glass and Sight Plug Manufacturer

Fanovo is the leading manufacturer in Custom Sight Glass

Science, engineering and applied research; terms that refer to a scope of work so vast and complex that the meanings and implications are virtually limitless. Professionals working in these fields are often engaged in searches for products and services that will keep them on the cutting edge. The list of suppliers at their disposal can be overwhelming…except when it comes to Sight Glass Windows.

Because of the unique and challenging nature of glass, few companies have accumulated the skills and knowledge base to produce a wide range of high tech custom Sight Glass solutions. Applying a glass making technique to a particular challenge may solve one problem; but knowing how to engineer integrated solutions generates lasting value to customers.



Why Choose Fanovo

  • Much like our clients, Fanovo continually seeks new solutions through innovation, experimentation, applied research & ongoing R&D
  • All design, engineering & manufacturing is performed in-house in Fanovo facility
  • Full-time, on-staff Sight Window Engineers are available for customer consultations & co-engineering
  • Fanovo has amassed an extensive database of custom manufactured & tested Sight Glass Products

Sight Glass Applications
Fanovo develops custom products for working environments, including:

  • Critical sour process operations in oil & gas (O&G) systems (API Spec)
  • Lethal service pressure vessel applications (ASME Spec)
  • Subsea O&G processing, inspection & intervention
  • Cryogenic & refrigeration systems
  • HPHT systems for scientific research & observation
  • Combustion analysis (high temperature) in laboratory environments
  • Downhole camera & video systems for drilling tools, downhole equipment & well intervention
  • High pressure flow cells for laminar flow analysis


Capabilities and Performance

  • Pressure Ranges – ultra-high vacuum to 100Kpsi (6890bar)
  • Temperature Ranges – cryogenic temperatures of ~ -150°C (-238°F) to 1850°C (3362°F)


Specifications met or exceeded include but are not limited to:

  • ASME B31.3, B16.5, DIN/EN (7080 & others), ANSI, AS9100, Sanitary 3-A, USP Type1/Class 6, BPE, PED Directive 97/23/EG


Custom High Pressure Sight Glass

ASME 400# High Pressure Sight Glass Window

Downhole Camera

Downhole Camera Annular Lens High Pressure

Nuclear Reactor Sight Glass

Nuclear Reactor Sight Glass Portal


For applications that fall outside Fanovo’s established database, Fanovo uses a Front End Engineering and Design (FEED) process to ensure quality and mitigate risk. The FEED Process can shorten development time, reduce costs and increase success rates by ensuring that all Fanovo departments and the customer collaborate in the design, manufacturing and testing processes.

The following steps allow Fanovo to determine if an inquiry will be fulfilled by a stock or custom solution.

  1. Customer provides project details by completing the Fanovo Customer Spec Form. Some details to consider:
    • Pressure requirements (max/min/test)
    • Housing type (flanged, threaded, etc.)
    • Temperature (max/min)
    • Clarity requirements
    • Clear aperture
    • Chemical exposure
    • Quantity
    • Project budget
  2. Fanovo reviews requirements:
    • A Fanovo Sight Window Engineer reviews the Fanovo Customer Spec Form and reaches out for further clarification.
    • A determination is made on whether a Fanovo Stock or Custom Sight Window will be the best solution. Fanovo will always recommend a stock option if possible
  3. Fanovo provides a formal quotation as quickly as possible.

Housing & Window Options For Custom Sight Glass Windows

NPT/Stainless Steel 316
Stainless Steel 316
Borosilicate (Pyrex™) Glass
Sapphire, C-Axis Crystal
ASME/Stainless Steel 316
Stainless Steel Duplex
Soda Lime Glass
Fused Silica Glass
ASME/A105 Steel
Stainless Steel 303
Borosilicate Fused Glass
Quartz Crystal
ConFlat (CF)/Stainless Steel 304
Stainless Steel 17-4
Soda Lime Fused Glass
ISO/Stainless Steel 304
Steel A105
Fused Quartz Glass
KF/Stainless Steel 304
Sapphire, C-Axis Crystal
in some sizes
Magnesium Fluoride
SAE/Stainless Steel 316
Calcium Fluoride
Zinc Selenide
Alumina and other ceramics



More Products are available : Types of Sight Glass Window/ Sight Plugs

Brass oil sight plug high pressure sight glass


sanitary sight glass sanitary oil sight glass