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Product Spotlight

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R134a Self Sealing Can Tap / Can Tap Bottle Opener

A/C Self Sealing Can Tap for filling R134A

Cast Brass Fire Equipment, 1-1/2" NPT Fire Swivel Joint

FHN02 3/4NH Solid Brass Twist Sprayer Nozzle Heavy-Duty Adjustable Hose Nozzle

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Story of Fanovo

       Fanovo is an invented name.  “Fan” is the family name of factory founder who was an excellent ironsmith since 1974, “Novo”  is intended to represent “new” in Latin. It is a symbol that Fanovo team are keeping up with time. It is innovation and creativity as well. Fanovo Industries is a leading manufacturer in the manufacturing and distribution of valves&couplings, custom parts and hardware tools. We have over 20 yearsexperience to provide domestic sellers and OEM&ODM for Europe and America market.

        Our vision is Committed To The Global Success, Our Mission is Engineering Your Life, Until Now our operation more comprehensive and competitive. We have excelled in the development of new products and innovative manufacturing processes.

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