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Fanovo Mancfacturing Facility

Fanovo is an invented name. “Fan” is the family name of factory founder who was an intelligent ironsmith, “Novo” is intended to represent “new” in Latin.Fanovo are  keeping up with time and innovating for life through motion&flow control technology.

Fanovo Industries is a leading manufacturer in the manufacturing and distribution of valves, fittings, A/C parts and casting custom parts. We have over 20 yearsexperience to provide domestic sellers and OEM&ODM for Europe and America market.

Fanovo Industries built our own brand-Fanovo, Our vision-Committed To The Global Success, Our Mission –Engineering Your Life, Until Now our operation more comprehensive and competitive. We have excelled in the development of new products and innovative manufacturing processes.

Offering the widest selection of products and the most powerful production capability is only the first step of our commitment to our customers. We provide our team with very extensive training in our Training and Education Center to study how better meet our customer’s need. Our focus on superior customer service is strengthened by an integrated customer service system that allows the same service representative to support each of our customers from order entry to order fulfillment.

In order to continuously offer finest quality products to our superior customers, most of them are designed to meet ISO, JIC, IAPMO, DIN and CE requirements. We are producing the “lead-free” NSF brass plumbing products, compliant with California AB 1953 and Vermont’s S-152 requirements. We have established a well-earned reputation that lives on today, for producing the superior quality products in the industry.

We are constantly innovating our service to meet the needs of our growing family of customers more than at any time. Whether you are a long-standing, loyal customer, or someone who is visiting us for the very first time, welcome to Fanovo Industries.