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Understanding Swivel Joint, Most Suitable 360° Continuous Swiveling Couplings From Fanovo

Our versatile swivel couplings are 100% manufactured in our factory. They are made of different materials for special applications are available upon request. Fanovo swivel couplings feature Stainless Steel ball bearings for smooth motion and durability. The versatile swivel couplings can also be rebuilt in the field with swivel repair kits. The swivels require protect your hoses and improve the lifetime of your hoses.


Where Can Use Fanovo Swivel joint? 

· Used wherever a leak-proof swivel connection is needed in pipelines or in combination with hoses to eliminate hose twisting

· Industries range from petroleum, petrochemical, refining, mining, distilling, paint, farm irrigation and fertilizing, wastewater treatment plants and food and beverage process equipment. Fanovo’s swivel joints are found in blending plants, drum filling applications, fluid and dry bulk transfer, vacuum trucks, oil and gas trucks and water trucks. Larger swivels can be found in the steel industry, marine bulk transfer and many more.

Use with Hose:

· The use of swivel joints to compensate for twist in hose (i.e. Style 20 or Style 60) should be carefully reviewed, since the hose must be sufficiently stiff to generate the torque needed to actuate the swivel before it kinks.

· In many installations, the twist is caused by lateral movement that can be eliminated by the use of a swivel joint (i.e. Style 40 or Style 30).

· Where this is not possible, the use of hose swivels may be a solution. Hose swivels are generally non-ball bearing designs that require less torque to initiate rotation; hose swivels are not designed for load bearing service.

· Some hoses are unable to generate even the low torque required for a hose swivel, many metal hoses fall into this group. Other hoses are stiff enough to turn almost any swivel, many armored hoses fall into this group.

What the visible advantages of using Fanovo Swivel coupling? 

· Full 360° rotational movement

· Wide spacing between dual ball bearing raceways ensures greater load bearing capacity

· Precision-machined design ensures alignment and trouble-free service

· O-ring dust seal protects the ball races and seals chamber from outside elements

· Radius elbow design ensures a smooth flow pattern

· Hydrostatic testing is performed on all swivels before shipment

What Type of Swivel Couplings Can Available From Fanovo:

· End configurations: female NPT,150# flanges, grooved, weld end and many other variations

· Seal options: Buna, FKM, PTFE, EPDM, FDA Buna, FFKM

· Ball bearing materials: carbon steel, 440 stainless steel, and 316 stainless steel

· Grease materials: Lithium, FDA approved/food grade and silicone

· Swivels that include oxygen, steam or submerged service can be specifically designed for unique applications (special order)

· 100% full penetration weld

· Re-build kits

· Custom swivel options available.

How To Operate / Maintain Fanovo Swivel Coupling:

Fanovo swivels are recommended for use at the following maximum Non-Shock Cold Working Pressures (NSCWP) provided in PSI at ambient temperature 70°F (21°C) for 1″ – 12″ sizes:

· Aluminum: 150 PSI

· Brass: 300 PSI

· Malleable iron: 600 PSI

· Carbon steel: 1000 PSI

· Stainless steel: 1000 PSI

· When using flanged ends, the pressure rating will be reduced to coincide with that of the flange being used. Carbon steel and stainless steel 150# flanges are recommended for use at 275 PSI maximum and 300# flanges at 740 PSI at ambient temperature 70°F (21°C).

· Lubrication should be performed periodically, depending on service and operation conditions. Biannually is normally sufficient.

How Can Get Price From Fanovo:

All pricing available upon request. Please contact Fanovo for pricing and proper equipment selection for the correct application. Every swivel joint is built to order, due to this, they are not generally returnable. Return requests will be reviewed on a case by case basis. Restocking charges will be applicable on the accepted returns. Restocking charges include 15%, plus any additional costs incurred.


· Fanovo’s couplings are designed to work safely for their intended use. The selection of the proper hose, coupling and retention device, and the proper application of the coupling to the hose are of utmost importance.

· Users must consider the size, temperature, application, media, pressure and hose and coupling manufacturer’s recommendations when selecting the proper hose assembly components. Fanovo recommends that all hose assemblies be tested in accordance with the Association for Rubber Products Manufacturer’s (ARPM) recommendations and be inspected regularly (before each use) to ensure that they are not damaged or have become loose.

· Where safety devices are integral to the coupling, they must be working and utilized. The use of supplementary safety devices such as safety clips or safety cables are recommended.

· If any problem is detected, couplings must be removed from service immediately.

· Fanovo is available to consult, train and recommend the proper selection and application of all fittings we sell. We strongly recommend that distributors and end users make use of Fanovo’s Testing and Recommendation Services.