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Everything you should know about balancing valves?

Understanding the importance of correctly balancing your heating and cooling systems is vital to creating a safe, energy-efficient environment in your home. To ensure your system is functioning optimally, it’s important to install and maintain the proper valves in your system. Balancing valves are one of the most important components when it comes to creating that optimal environment.

What Are Balancing Valves?
Balancing valves are typically composed of two main parts: a casing and a adjustable control valve. The casing is designed to direct the flow of water through the valve, while the adjustable control valve (or core) is used to vary the flow rate. This pushes or pulls the desired temperature of the water running through a specific system.

Why Do I Need Balancing Valves?
Balancing valves are used primarily in HVAC systems, where it’s important to precisely control the room temperature. The valve is used to adjust the flow rate of a system so that the entire space remains at a comfortable thermal temperature. By installing a balancing valve, you’ll not only enjoy the best efficiency possible, but you’ll also be saving money by reducing energy costs.

What Should I Know Before Installing Balancing Valves?
It’s important that you determine the specific flow requirements of the particular system you’re working on. Depending on the size of the system your working on, or its layout, the valve can be as small as 1mm or larger than 300mm. You’ll also need to determine the type of valve you’ll need, as there are a variety of types on the market, such as the Pressure Compensated, Pressure Balanced, Hydronic and Balanced Flow valves.

Properly installing and maintaining your balancing valves is essential to ensure your system is always operating optimally. Make sure to inspect your valves on a regular basis, as well as pay attention to your energy bills. With the proper care, your balancing valves can last for many years and ensure that your system is running efficiently and cost effectively.


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