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Our Commitment

Fanovo Industries committed to allocating a portion of the company’s profits to supporting socially beneficial projects. These early intentions were formalized as the “Social Responsibility”principle in our Corporate Constitution that allocates a maximum of two percent of our pre-tax profits to support charitable and non-profit organizations.

Our commitment to “Social Responsibility” stems from Fanovo’s core values:

A focus on fairness and concern for people
A belief that employee involvement as partners and stakeholders drives business success
Facilitate entrepreneurial spirit through a decentralized corporate structure while always being aware of one’s impact on society
Foster an idea-driven culture with focus on continuous improvement
Always conduct business activities transparently

Today, Fanovo continues to be deeply committed to supporting the basic fabric of society through a number of community programs, volunteer work and charitable activities. It is our desire to continuously improve the quality of life in all of the communities in which our employees work and live.