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Heavy Duty Service Refrigeration Access Valve 1/4″ SAE 1/4 OD Stem Core Cap AC Refrigeration Kits Air Conditioner Refrigeration 2.95″ Length

  • High quality brass Refrigeration access valve for air conditioner.
  • Service access valve constructed with high-quality brass, the cap is wear-resistant and durable. And it’s provided with core remover and have an inside rubber o-ring. 1/4” SAE x 1/4” O.D. x 4″ stem.
  • The caps are made of copper, they are provided with core remover and have an inside rubber O-ring, 100% tested before shipping.
  • The stem is a self-contained valve which opens to admit gas to a chamber.
  • Widely used in the refrigerant system. It used to charge the refrigerant like R22, R410a or R134a pipe line to ensure the smooth operation of air-conditioner system with enough refrigerant in the copper line and indoor & outdoor units in VRV/VRF system.

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