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Everything You Should Know About Peep Sight Custom Manufactured by Fanovo

What is Peep Sight (namely sight glass) ?

When visibility is required in a small pipe or a small chamber, peep sights provide visibility that won’t compromise the durability of your equipment. Gage sight Glass supplies peep sights that are built to withstand high pressure and temperature conditions without warping or cracking. With many different types of peep sights available in different sizes ranging from ½ inch to 2.5 inches and built to withstand different vessel conditions, you can find the right peep sight for your applications.


What is the main function of sight gauge?

Peep sights allow technicians, inspectors, operators and other users to look into potentially media flow environments without the need to enter or open the space. When working with high-temperature environments, hazardous or caustic fluids or gases, high-pressure tanks or other chambers that should not be opened or cannot be safely entered, peep sites provide an easy way to assess the internal environment at a glance. Technicians and operators can assess storage levels, review the operation of the equipment inside, or inspect in internal environment to ensure there are no dangerous breaks or cracks on the inside using these peep sights.

Once installed, peep sights require little maintenance. There are no moving parts, so they will not break down or get stuck. The peep sights also offer high temperature tolerance, with stainless steel peep sight housings capable of service in temperatures as high as 1,700 degrees F. Quartz lens glass is capable of operating continuously in environments of 1,600 degrees, with intermittent operating use as hot as 2,048 degrees. Peep sights are also available in nickel- and zinc-plated constructions, capable of use in environments as high as 1,600 degrees and 900 degrees, respectively.

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Custom Peep Sight Engineering and Manufacturing Services

Custom peep sight manufacturing are available in Fanovo.  For custom sight glass products, we need to know the below from clients to kick off custom manufacturing:

  1. On what application you will use peep sight?
  2. Under what temperature you will use peep site?
  3. Under what pressure you will use sight gage?
  4. What connections you need to fit your applications?

If you have the four points on peep sight plug, please contact Fanovo team: Our engineering team will provide special and custom design spport for your application.